School Resource Officer

Mission Statement

It is the primary mission of the School Resource Officer to assist C.U.S.D. 140 with keeping its buildings a safe place to learn and work. Protecting the lives of the students, employees and all those that visit is paramount. It is also the mission of the School Resource Officer to establish and maintain a mutual respect between the students, parents and school personnel, to help further the education process by providing the faculty with assistance in areas where the School Resource Officer may specialize, such as drug awareness, criminal law and anti-violence. The School Resource Officer is to be an additional source of help that students may access in times of need. The School Resource Officer will help generate a positive understanding of law enforcement and promote good citizenship through daily interaction with the students. The School Resource Officer will, in effect, be a polite, respectful, firm when required, positive role model for the students.

Officer Alig

Officer Alig

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